Home Is With You

April 27, 2022

Between full-time jobs, freelance work, and home buying—along with countless other life things—Riley and I have had a lot on our plates the past few weeks. (I think statements like this can come off as pompous in our culture. All I mean is what I said.)

Many moments during these seasons go unrecognized unless you’re “in the weeds.” I’ve been there every step of the way with Riley as we embark on this next chapter in our lives. She’s been gracious, patient, and hopeful for our future and during the present moments leading up to it. For this, I’m thankful.

If you’re in a busy season, make sure to breathe. Take a moment to count your blessings, and let the people who’ve been “in the weeds” with you know that they’re appreciated.

Thoughts On Marriage: 6 Months

February 7, 2022

Living life alongside Riley has been the most enjoyable experience of my life. While our time together has been relatively short, I feel as if I've always known her. She's brilliant, humorous, and adorable. Indeed, love is a series of cliches. And good cliches—I'm learning—are quite pleasant when you experience them.

Today and every day, Riley is my pinnacle of beauty—both in personality and character. My hope for our future is that I may continue to value her as such. By God's grace, this is both possible and necessary. Without this purpose, where can marital love grow?

Thoughts On Growing Up

January 24, 2022

I’ve been thinking lately about my upbringing in evangelical Christianity. There are many foundational beliefs and lessons I’ve learned by being a part of this community; yet, my mind continues to think about a particular aspect of my spiritual upbringing: the projecting of political ideology onto it.

As I live more life, I see how I‘m politically homeless, which has been somewhat of a shock to me. Growing up, I had a tunnel vision made up of conservatism that swayed my understanding of both Scripture and how to live out the lessons of Jesus. I credit this to living in a heavily conservative environment. That said, I don’t mean to condemn conservatives or anyone who falls along the political spectrum.

I don’t have an answer for these thoughts, only more questions to ask and more grace to give to myself and others.
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Updated: 6-22-22